McDonald-Nandi Lab attends ACS Spring 2022 in San Diego, CA

The McDonald-Nandi Lab made its way down to sunny San Diego, CA to attend the American Chemical Society Spring National Conference.

Find our labs presentations here!

Karen McDonald: 1. 2022 DIC Wang award lecture: Plants as molecular foundries: From earth to deep space, 2. Engineered living plant cells for intensified bioproduction

Katherine Haddad: Rapid bioproduction of protein biologics in plants for low resource settings 

Patrick Negulescu: Design and techno-economic analysis of a cultivated meat facility

Brandon Pizarro: Techno-economic analysis of a plant-based platform for resveratrol production 

Justin Wong: 1. Development of a virus-based immunosorbent nanoparticle and tangential flow filtration circulation process for mAb capture and concentration, 2. Transient expression of varying gelatin fragment lengths in Nicotiana benthamiana to synthesize microcarriers for cell cultured meat production 

Kevin Yates: Development of a plant generated therapeutic made in-flight to treat microgravity osteopenia