Karen and Matt represent CUBES at NASA’s STRG Tech Day on the Hill

Karen and Matt, joined by Kelly Wetmore of UC Berkeley and Paul Kasuma of Utah State University, represented the Center for Utilization of Biological Engineering in Space (CUBES) in Washington D.C. for NASA’s STRG Tech Day on the Hill. Special thanks to Brandon Minto, UC Davis Director of Federal Government Relations, for all of his help with this event!

Pictured here — the CUBES team representatives (minus Paul) pose with California Senator Diane Feinstein

Korn gives a talk at AIChE 2019

Korn gave an oral presentation at AIChE 2019 with the title “Simplified Lab Scale and Pilot Scale Bioreactor Process for Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase Production in Transgenic Rice Cell Suspension Cultures” on November 13, 2019.

Congrats, Korn!

Karen and Matt present at SynBioBeta 2019

Karen gave an oral presentation on plant-made pharmaceuticals, while Matt presented a poster on development of plant virus-based nanomaterials. This was a great opportunity to interface with the larger synthetic biology community!